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August 11th, 2017 DC SHRM Monthly Meeting Minutes

    August 11, 2017

    Douglas County SHRM Meeting Minutes

    August 11th, 2017

    Cow Creek Government Offices

    8:15am - 9:30am

    Attending DC SHRM members: Ashley Anderson, Hallie Clark, Katrena Garoutte, Dave Johansen, Kassandra Klingler, Leanne MacFarlane, Susan Marical, Kelley Plueard, Kelley Richardson, Stephanie Smith, and Sharece Winslow.

    Other attendees: Julie Bell (FCC Furniture), Robert Brown (YTP Camas Valley), Melanie Hartwig (ODDS), Rena Langston (SCBEC), Duane Madison (Elkton High School), Robert Petchell (Worksource Douglas), Dominic Salas (RFP), and Darci Shivers (Douglas ESD).

    Stephanie Smith, DC SHRM President, called the meeting to order and conducted introductions.

    Secretary Report

    Copies of July minutes were distributed.  Susie made a request to edit treasurer report to deduct cost of checks ordered.  New balance to be $5763.28.  Edits were made.  Ashley made a motion to accept the minutes. Stephanie seconded.  All were in favor.

    Treasurer Report

          Susie presented the Treasurer Report:

    5763.28    Beginning balance

      +50.00    Deposit from Red Kite seminar

      -1097.36    Payment to Red Kite seminar 

         4715.92    Current balance in Banner Bank plus over $2000.00 in the Umpqua Bank Account.

    Old Business

    •  OregonSaves information was presented by Brian Hogan, Project Manager from Ascensus (the PowerPoint presentation was sent to all DC SHRM members).
    •  Coos Bay – Board went to Coos Bay on 8/10 and Jeff presented certification information. Four attended from Coos Bay.  A decision was made to send an email to put the Coos Bay involvement in “their court.”  The DC SHRM board will assist in whatever way we can.

    New Business

    • Douglas Education Service District – Darci Shivers, Transition Network Facilitator (  They want businesses involved so they can be successful.  They support those needing employment and have disabilities (mental and other).
      • Southern Oregon Goodwill – Lea Bonney, Employment Specialist, (  Array of services, job connection, job search, on-line application, skill base, barriers, etc.  We cover participants under our Worker’s Comp.  No wages since it is a training process.

        Reo VanEgdom, Visitation Specialist (  Visitation house.  Life skills with Tribal members.  Explore businesses with those out of the work force for a few years.  We assess skills for a reference.  Placement rate has been good.  Client value their jobs.  Coach with client the entire time.

      • Worksource Douglas – Robert Petchell, Employment Department Manager, (  Works with employers to post job listings, pre-screen applicants, work with them.  Worksource Douglas offers veteran’s services, migrant farm worker program, 55+ program, WOTC tax credits.
      • South Coast Business Corp – Rena Lanston (  Since 1975

        senior meals, transportation in South Coast areas.  Now providing services in Douglas County.  Includes OTJ training, work experience on South Coast payroll (for youth work experience), job training.  Need CAN training provider.  Any adult in our community is available for adult funding – they do have priorities.  Look for bit, OTJ training can be done.

      • Youth Transition Programs

        Elkton – Duane Madison ( – start with age 16 (juniors).  Help with money for clothes, determine interest, find fit, develop resume, help with interviews, job shadows, work studies

        Camas Valley – Robert Brown ( – job shadows, training, prepare for work, and get them ready to place.

      • Employment First – Melanie Hartwig, Employment Specialist, ( – build partnerships/resources for those who want employment.  Individual developmental disability, learning needs, provides support, etc.

    Meeting Adjourned – Stephanie closed meeting.  

    Good of the Order

    Stephanie announced the next DC SHRM member meeting is Friday, September 8th, 2017.  Employment Law Conference with Kyle Abraham, Attorney Barron Liebman LLP, and Jennifer Germundson, State of Oregon BOLI.  All day seminar. 8:15am to 4:00pm – lunch at noon.  $70.00 SHRM members and $80.00 non-SHRM members.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dave Johansen

    DC SHRM Secretary