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April 14, 2017 SHRM Monthly Meeting Minutes

    April 14, 2017

    Douglas County SHRM Meeting Minutes

    April 14th, 2017

    Cow Creek Government Offices

    8:15am - 9:30am

    Attending: Dave Johansen, Susie Marical, Rheanna Mosier, Kelley Plueard, Leanne Reynolds, Stephanie Smith, and Sharece Winslow

    Stephanie Smith, DC SHRM President, called the meeting to order and welcomed attendees.  

    Secretary Report

    Copies of March minutes were distributed.  Rheanna made a motion to accept the minutes.  Susie seconded.  All were in favor.

    Treasurer Report

          Susie presented the Treasurer Report:

    5000.00    Beginning balance  

        - 630.66     Debit  

         4369.34     Current balance

     DC SHRM bank account transferred from Umpqua Bank to Banner Bank.  Partial bank balance still left at Umpqua Bank.  Board decided only 1 debit card was needed at Banner Bank and President and Treasurer have user name and password.  Leanne made a motion to approve and Dave seconded.  All membership voted in favor.

    Old Business

    • DC SHRM Board meeting 4/6 – Jammie from Coos Bay asked for the Board “get-together” with the Coos Bay group be moved to 6/1 at Coos Bay after a training planned there. 
      • Leanne recommended suggesting seminar topics with Coos Bay scheduling their own seminars.
      • Stephanie suggested giving Coos Bay a members-at-large report for them to contact members within their area.
      • Mention was made to provide a contact list of the DC SHRM board members for Coos Bay to use as a contact resource.
      • Stephanie suggested Coos Bay contact members in the area to be a core group.
      • Leanne suggested giving them a list of members we know from Coos Bay to have at the initial meeting, so we have more contacts than just Jammie as Stephanie suggested.
      • Rheanna was concerned that Coos Bay take responsibility for reaching out rather than having us do it for them.
      • All board are hoping that Coos Bay can get enough members to be their own chapter rather than being a permanent affiliate of the DC SHRM chapter.

    New Business

    • Seminar “3 Steps to More Effective Feedback” presented by Kate Parker, Owner of Effective Communication Consultants.

    Attending: Anthony Albert, Ashley Anderson, Gina Brock, Willis Cook, Brian Courtright, James Edgerton, Katrena Garoutte, Carl Geer, John Harvey, Jeff Heartley, Dave Johansen, Ruth Ann Liles, Susie Marical, Ken Miller, Rheanna Mosier, Kelley Plueard, Allen Plum, Michael Piland, Joe Pospisil, Katrina Potter, Lisa Prescott, Travis Pritchett, Leanne Reynolds, Shirley Shelton, Stephanie Smith, Jeremy Stoffal, Karen Wensorski and Sharece Winslow. Also attending was a Casino Sous Chef – signature not legible.

    “3 Steps to More Effective Feedback” -  the group examined and were involved in the techniques of the three stages of effective feedback listed below:


     Anticipate the emotions (think and feel) of self and other

     Set the stage for success


     Be present

     Use logic (open/body/close)

     Encourage conversation

     Check for meaning

     Summarize, set next steps, expectations


     Follow up, follow through

    Meeting Adjourned

    Good of the Order

    The next DC SHRM member meeting is Friday, May 12th, 2017.  Hot Topic: Come prepared to discuss your worst “H.R. Nightmare.”

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dave Johansen

    DC SHRM Secretary