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February 10, 2017 SHRM Monthly Meeting Minutes

    February 10, 2017

    Douglas County SHRM Meeting Minutes

    February 10th, 2017

    Cow Creek Government Offices

    8:15am - 9:30am

    Attending: Ashley Anderson, Gina Brock, Karen Buswell, Ammie Carson, Hallie Clark, Robin Conrad, Willis Cook, Brooke Jewell, Dave Johansen, Linda Loop, Susie Marical, Rheanna Mosier, Kelley Plueard, Joe Pospisil, Leanne Reynolds, Kellie Richardson, Stephanie Smith, Daleen Thomas, and Sharece Winslow

    Stephanie Smith, DC SHRM President, called the meeting to order, and welcomed everyone.

    Secretary Report

    Copies of January minutes were distributed.  Rheanna made a motion to accept the minutes.  Leann seconded.  All were in favor.

    Treasurer Report

           Kelley presented the Treasurer Report. 

    1. Beginning balance


          - 25.00     Debit for Tax Preparation

        6194.01     Current balance

    Old Business

    • SHRM Test Results – High percentage of those who took the test prep class passed the SHRM exam.  Two did not pass.
    • Michael Morter, Oregon Health Marketplace, presented “Health Insurance 101 for Small Business and H.R. Professionals” – good presentation and very informative


    New Business

    • SHRM SHAPE Report was completed and submitted on time
    • Board Planning Session is on Friday, 2/17.  Coos Bay people are invited.  Need to prepare an agenda.  Possible topics 2017 SHAPE goals, finances, community service, programs/education/certification, Coos Bay integration, membership growth & retention, and Marketing initiatives.   Misc – Employer Expo, OECDC relationship
    • Rose Barker, Certified Risk Management Consultant, Harvard Risk Management Corp. presented “Identity Theft in the Workplace.”  
      • Identity Theft is taking information from someone and using it to commit fraud
      • Over 45,000 new Identity Theft victims every single day
      • Oregon is 3rd in the nation for Identity Theft. 
      • Federal Trade Commission’s #1 consumer complaint for the last 17 consecutive years
      • 2015 – 450 million records; 781 data breaches
      • Financial losses last year 24.5 million
      • $92,893 is the average amount charged
      • 607 days is the average time to restore their identity

        Impacts to H.R.

    1. Absenteeism
    2. Presenteeism
    3. Data Breeches – rose 15% costing additional $3.5 million

        What can you do?

    • Educate employees on forms of Identity Theft
    • Let them know how they can prevent Identity Theft
    • Offer employees an employee benefit for handling Identity Theft  

        Types of Identity Theft:

    • Character and Criminal
    • Employment SSA and IRS
    • Medical
    • Financial
    • Driver’s License
    • Minor Children

         Ways to Get Information:

    • Phishing, Pharming
    • Skimming,
    • Caller ID Spoofing
    • Data Breaches

         Identity Theft Prevention Tips (worksheet was distributed)

         Employee Benefit Plans

    1. Monitoring Plans*
    2. Reimbursement Plan
    3. Fraud Alert Services
    4. Restoration Plans*

    *Recommended by Rose

         SHRM offers free workshop and “lunch n’ learns” on Identity Theft

    Meeting Adjourned

    Good of the Order

           Next meeting is scheduled for 3/10/17.  Rheanna requested suggested “hot topics.”


    Respectfully submitted,

    Dave Johansen

    DC SHRM Secretary